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SQL Course for beginners & newbies

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Course Overview

The SQL training program is a rigorous course designed to teach participants about the SQL language and its practical applications. Throughout the course, participants will acquire theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in manipulating data within databases.

Within the program, participants will develop the ability to create and manage relational databases. This includes designing database structures, constructing and managing tables, and implementing indexes and keys to optimize access to data.

Moreover, participants will learn fundamental and advanced SQL queries, such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. Additionally, the course covers more advanced operations, such as table joins and sorting and grouping data.

The course is instructed by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in database management and SQL queries. As a result, participants will learn practical applications of SQL in various industries and fields. They will gain valuable skills that can be utilized in roles as a programmer, data analyst, or database administrator.

What You'll Learn?

  • What it is and why you use SQL
  • How to manage and perform actions on a MySQL database
  • How to install a MySQL database locally and operate on it
  • How to use the CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • What are the data types used in SQL databases
  • What is the nomenclature, what are tables and records
  • SQL operations and basic data handling
  • Querying databases and entering data
  • Filtering the results
  • Editing tables and data
  • Sorting the data in a database
  • JOIN join types in SQL queries

Who Is This Course For?

This SQL training program is ideally suited for:

  • Beginners who wish to delve into the world of database management and understand the foundational principles of SQL.
  • Programmers aiming to enhance their skillset and incorporate database manipulation into their repertoire.
  • Data Analysts looking to refine their data querying techniques and seeking a comprehensive understanding of relational databases.
  • Prospective Database Administrators who desire a solid foundation in database design, management, and optimization.
  • IT professionals from other domains intending to transition into roles that require proficient database management skills.
  • Students studying computer science, data science, or related fields, aiming to supplement their academic knowledge with hands-on practical experience.
  • Anyone with an interest in mastering the intricacies of SQL and aspiring to unlock the potential of data-driven decision-making in their respective industries.

In essence, if you are keen on gaining in-depth knowledge of SQL, its practical applications, and wish to be guided by industry experts, this course is tailor-made for you.

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SQL Course for beginners & newbies

3 ratings
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